Tuesday, October 30, 2007

HCI Halloween Bash

Much like the title says: there was a bash, and I was there (while also in Romania and my living room). Basically, I had to decorate a very Irish pub, build and salvage various decorations, compile a guest list and invite as many people as I could find - and I had four hours to do it. Luckily the sim owner had decor laid out for my disposal before she logged off so much of what I had to do was arrange those things and skin the bar to look run down and basementy (yeah we'll call that a word). And by an act of some random offbeat god, it was a success.

Here are a few snapshots:

Here's what the entrance looked like. Rezzing was an issue at first which is a good thing; it meant enough people were there to slow down the server. In this photo we have a commando guy, a werewolf, a scantily-clad naughty bad witch, a lady with a weird thing, a post-pubescent Alice from Wonderland and me dressed as a normie doing my best Travolta from Saturday Night Fever:

This is Bunnicula, a character from my favorite childhood story. He really doesn't show himself as much as I'd like.

This is a very convincing nun, except for the fact that she may have dressed as a nun on acid. All she did all night was sway back and forth with sparkly dizzy stars over her head. Acid nun for president.

Here is a pretty bad ass rendition of a black cat. Beats the hell outta all those pale-faced cutesy whores with black pointy ears:

This was the good witch of the party (I think), and that's me pouting in the corner 'cause they ran out of candy corn. Those bastards...

And the two most fucked up costumes of the evening ARE...drumroll please!!

'Pile of roadkill' guy and 'dude stuck in a barrel'!!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

TOUR: Sleezywood Trailer Park

Let's get right to it:

If arriving from the SLurl provided you should be standing at the corner of malcontent and wasted lives. Que the 'Deliverance' banjo solo. Head east from any starting point and you'll quickly find yourself knee-deep in juicy low-income goodness. Because the land is flat and wide-open there is no real reason to do a walk-through. With that said I'll just show you some of the good stuff.

There is a junkyard to the north which offers a ton of highly varied freebs, included but not limited to a ready-to-furnish single side trailer, an RV-style trailer, couches and chairs and more. Not to mention the well built, awesomely scripted mail box that broadcasts when you are online.

Meet the neighbors:

The dirty hippies:

The guy and his wife/cousin (they might be cross-eyed but they have a pool!):

And to the far north (no, really) are the Canadians:

I have to say Sleezywood is currently my favorite SL spot by far. All homes have unlocked doors (not a good idea considering the company they keep) and they're rented by avatars with a taste for divine apathy - with any luck I'll be next on the list. With no shortage of freakish property and questionable paraphernalia, the adventure never ends (pending you don't get stoned and park it by the tire fire).

'It's dark.....'
'...................cool, you want that sun-dried?'

SLurl: Sleezywood

Monday, September 24, 2007

Gideon's Pawn, Foo.

This post will be edited and reposted as 'new' as soon as Second Life will FUCKING LET ME ON!! *Ahem* Anyway...Gideon's Pawn is a must-visit store - and not just because It's mine.
Inspired by the cult classic emo-drama 'The Crow', Gideon's Pawn is for lack of better description, a dump - and that's how we like it. The structure itself was built by my talented and criminally insane partner ShaneV Bellmen, who named the building the Pawn Stop and currently has it on the market. I shook my pixelated tits a few times before he finally let me use it for the shop, so I dropped it on group land and put up some wallpaper, a cork-board covered in snapshots and flyers, and finally started stocking.
The store is still being stocked at the moment but new items are added regularly and you'll be hearing about some of them here at Atomic Avatars. We sell everything from skins and shapes to fallout equipment and damned-near-condemned structures all at rock-bottom prices (usually 30 Ls).
Unfortunately some complications have trumped my efforts to take down the old items so there are a few high-priced items left on the shelves, but it's cool because you can pass them up or drop the cash if you have the bank and the interest.

SLurl: Gideon's Pawn

NEW ITEM: Gas Mask [half-mask]

Post-apocalypse? Got roughly three teeth? SARS maybe? Then this is the mask for you! This is a well-built, highly-detailed gas mask that can be copied for backup and modded to fit you tiny-headed freaks (ahem) I mean...tiny-headed upstanding citizens. Nevertheless, it is priced to be newbie friendly and only available at Gideon's Pawn (entirely to be confused with the pawn shop on the movie The Crow) in Mallard. Come get it, boys.

SLurl: Gideon's Pawn

Sunday, September 23, 2007

The Sewers of Mogwa

This is a picture taken in the sewers of Mogwa, built by the talented av Sooden Ren (if I'm not mistaken). Unfortunately, the winding tunnels of filth so convincing you could almost smell it through the screen are no longer in place. The sewers of Mogwa are no more, so let us all have a moment of silence for the good times past.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

TOUR: Suffugium

Suffugium, unlike most places in Second Life, Doesn't suck. And for this reason I'm gonna give you kiddies a 'lil walk-through. Get ready because this post is picture-heavy:

NOTE: Suffugium is a post-apocalyptic city that is built in such a way that the establishments are clearly a desperate attempt to convey a sense of normalcy amid destruction. Gotta love it, man.

First stop: The Lobby
Alright when you first arrive you'll be standing on the corner of urban decay and despair. Lovely. You may see a hovering car or too fly by before you are met with a floating pod that orders you to stand still for a scan; likely to detect any weapons and/or sammiches you may have on your person at entry.

I don't recommend walking away from the teleport point, otherwise you won't understand the tour and will get lost amongst the various distracting crap that surrounds you.
Alright, from the starting point you should be facing a red marquee. Take a right. You'll come to the end of a short street and see this to your left:

This is the entrance to the underground. I recommend taking that first. You'll come down and find yourself looking at some missing person posters and to your left is a conveniently placed dumpster ripe for diving. I found a used freebasing kit, which made me quite stocked, seeing as how I always wanted one for my birthday.

If you continue down the stretch you'll pass a few DIY establishments built for the few survivors still in the city. A few of which are a laundry mat, a diner, and of course, a titty bar. I'll go into more detail of each individual one. Why? because It's 2 a.m. and I no likey sleepy.

So. The diner has a nice, cozy, fallout-chic atmosphere. The booths aren't really that great for sitting but thanks to some fantastic scripting there is infinite seating at the bar. For every seat that is taken another manifests, which is convenient, and kinda creepy if you're a mental patient because it kind of reminds you of how the chair monster filled up your entire living room with old wooden barstools. That bastard. *Ahem* Moving on, there is also a very pleasant looking robot on guard to take your order and give you relationship advice after you've had a few too many, because who better to ask about your girlfriend than a robot am I right?

Next up is the laundry mat. It has all the basic amenities of a laundry mat including but not limited to washing machines, dryers, an arcade game, and of course a banged-up turned-over shopping cart by the entrance. YAY INNERCITY!!

Okay now I want you to look at this door. Look at hard. Harder than an inmate takes it up the ass.

It took me an HOUR to find this elusive little fucker. I've found it once and thereafter ended up in the endless winding sewers trying to revisit the damn thing. It's located next to the Chinese noodle place just so ya know. The door opens into a small room with a big fucking hatch that when clicked opens another tunnel leading further down below the city. After reaching the end it reveals a room built into an open area of the sewers. You can almost smell it through the screen. It has a wooden wire-feeder spool for a table, some various junk, and surveillance equipment to boot. Not to mention a toilet...eeerrr in a sewer. I personally would just take a dump over the rail and call it a day but that's me.

There's alot more to Suffugium than what is shown here. But I don't have the patience to write more about it and why would I when you can just go for yourself?

SLurl: Suffugium

Disturbance - 1.0

How'd you like to bust into this stall at your local convenience store.

Malarchy Post 1.0

Alright ladies and gentlemen after very little anticipation it has arrived: the Malarchy Post 1.0! That's right everybody, an entire post jam-packed with complete bullshit. I'm allowed every once in a while, am I right?

Alright first up we have two people who were very busy working on projects of their own accord. That's what was supposed to happen. Aaaand this is what did happen:

This is Shane:

And this is Shane's Big fucking gun:

In short, we we're actually being productive when a Spanish-speaking av popped in and we then attached our Babblers, a translation device, so we could understand her and she us. The only thing we could really translate what that the Babbler 'translate no good much'. Thereafter Shane and I proceeded to throw common sense out the window and translate for it saying things like '1 sec my fetus is ringing' and another of Shane's awesome statements, something to the effect of 'I like to freeze-dried foreskin'. And of course, the Babbler would translate to Spanish in turn and the poor girl became more and more lost with each 'I had a circle jerk for dinner last night', accompanied with Shane nailing her with beer cans from his giant Chicago Typewriter.
Eventually she ducked out, but not before adding me and hoping to never see Shane in any form again, and who could blame her seeing as how his mere presence makes small children cry. And good for them, kids are too damned sensitive nowadays.

On an off note I discovered something odd about the place Shane took me to build:

Notice something different? If you guessed lack of wooden blocks and rotating penis ads you'd be correct. There is nothing there. Absolutely nothing. Someone bought this entire sim just so a select group of people can build on it. And now I'm in that select group. I feel special, and not in the drool and helmet kind of way. Will I tell you where it is? Hell no. You might have rotating penis ads.

So I think I'm going to conclude this post with a picture I like to call 'I, have an iPod loincloth'.

ZZ Land 1.0

Here's something of interest. Earlier I was working on Booth 6 on the ground level of the ZZ Land Market when out of nowhere I was met with a bi-podal rat digging into a cereal box. He goes by the name of Tooter Claxon.

After chatting with him for a bit I found that he name the awesomeness that is the 'punk rat' avatar and sells it for a meager 200 Ls. So of course, consumed by the better-than-sex feeling of something new I ran headlong to his booth and purchased the ava, put it on, and immediately teleported to my favorite dumpster diving locales (soon to have a post of their own). It was great publicity for the guy and also made for some awesome pics.

The District

Located in scenic Vesuvius, the flat is a creation of yours truly, built with intent to make it the Undead Legion HQ. It has undergone many different forms housing many different types of structures, and in this case it is in transition from your typical vampire-oriented theme to a creepier bayou theme. Why you ask? Because, urban decay is not nearly as present in SL as it should be. That's just my opinion, however.

At present the flat serves a slightly offbeat purpose: to torture unwitting visitors of course. Shown here is a friend by mutual association and I marinating in a pool of blood. Good times man, good times.